New Beginnings

This past summer after an urgent phone call from my director and executive producer I had to make the last minute decision to hire a plain clothes police officer to provide surveillance at the opening night performance of A Soldier's Play because a racist coward had made a concerning, harassing, and potentially threatening phone call to the theatre in protest of our show. The play was selling decently at the time and we had some successful previews under our belt but the reviews still hadn't ran and we had a lot more tickets to sell to ensure that we recouped (which thankfully we did). Plus my personal credit cards had taken a hit with last minute incidentals that a certain demanding lead producer (me) insisted were needed for the show to be a true success. As my grandmother would say, "The Devil was busy." The police determined there wasn't an immediate threat and the show went on but we hired the officer as a precaution. I've never been more afraid to step out on a stage. Nervous? Sure. But in a time when another hate filled tragedy seems like it could be just around the corner it was terrifying. Fuller's words as they fell from my cast's lips seemed to carry more weight with each scene, but by Act II when my character bellowed, "I'm not afraid of white men" in Scott Siepker's face there was all at once a peace and a fire that filled my insides. I decided that evening that I had to keep doing this kind of work in the city that I had reluctantly come to call home and I needed to do it full time for that matter so that it had all of my attention. Two weeks later the show had closed, Pyramid had officially formed, and I was offered my current job at the Goodman. Click on the photo below to read the Des Moines Register article about the founding of my new company.